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Why stay at home playing videogames while you can be in a real one?





Enigma Escape Room Medellin is the brand-new live escape game in Medellín. This recreational activity is a new global trend to enjoy in group. It is a challenge of escapism where you test your mental skills while having fun.

The objective is simple: escaping from our themed escape room in less than 60 minutes, in group of two to six people. You will have to search for hidden clues, pick locks, advance on a stage set thematically, and solve a series of puzzles and mysteries using your logic, sense of observation, reflection and teamwork. No one can find freedom on its own, you need to be united!

This is an intense experience where the combination of limited time, confined spaces, surprises, and the need to think together from different perspectives will lead you to be the protagonist of an unforgettable adventure.

This escape game is available for everyone, you can come with your friends, colleagues, family, or with your partner and it is adapted for beginners and experienced groups, everyone can enjoy it. It is one of the best things to do in Medellín. We guarantee one hour of pure fun, with many challenges and a unique experience.





 Humanity has been affected by a terrible pandemic. The E23 virus, a mutation of the Ebola virus transforms its victims into bloodthirsty zombies. Multitudes of these zombies roam in Medellin, looking for fresh meat.

You and your colleagues have found refugee in an abandoned factory. But you have walked into a trap, where apparently there is no way out.

 You have found shelter in this strange factory, but the door will not keep the zombies away. There are screams outside and there is no sign of help anytime soon. You have to quickly find another way out or else…


The situation is catastrophic. A few days ago, a lethal biological agent infected humans all around the world. This pandemic threatens to condemn the entire human race. The best scientists around the world are trying to find a cure from mother cells, but as of today without any success…

But there is hope. One week ago we received a message from the famous professor Sánchez, who is as renown for his talent in biology as he is for his strange behavior. In the message he indicates that he thought he was really close to discovering an antidote able to contain the infection. But since that, we haven’t heard from professor Sánchez…

As special agents of the W.H.O. (World Health Organization), you have been sent to the professor’s house to look for clues about this supposedly antidote and save the world. Time is running out for humanity as well as for you, since you too have begun to show the first symptoms of the virus…


The Dragon’s Fortress, the castle of the King, is empty, the last dragon rider has died. It’s the fall of this thousand-year-old caste. Now 4 families, Tinaroc, Durnazac, Jamandil and Zumenor, fight to conquer the crown and the Dragon’s Throne and they are not showing any mercy…

You are the last members of the glorious dragon rider’s caste and must defend your claim to the throne and your life. Your enemies have locked you in the dungeon of the fortress and have sentenced you to death. You have to find the crown to claim the Throne and escape before your execution…


The art world will suffer a great robbery, perhaps the greatest history. That is why they have formed the best bandit band on the continent, each one has unique skills for crime. You want to be recognized as the best thieves in history.

That is why they have been planning the best strategy for months to enter the Louvre Museum in Paris and steal the most famous work of art in the world, the Mona Lisa, the famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci.


2 people
40.000 $
Per person
Total 80.000$
3 people
35.000 $
Per person
Total 105.000$
4 people
30.000 $
Per person
Total 120.000$
5 people
30.000 $
Per person
Total 150.000$
6 people
30.000 $
Per person
Total 180.000$


You want to try this exciting adventure? All reservations are through our website or through our phone number.

If you are tired of the same activities and you enjoy solving mental challenges and want to enjoy a unique experience, ENIGMA Escape Room Medellin is the plan for you.

Do not wait any longer, make your team, find a time that suits them, and discover one of the most original activities in Medellin. Among friends, colleagues, family or significant other, enigmas and mystery are waiting for you.

The experience will last about 1 hour and a half, including the introduction and feedback. Please note that we book the entire game area for your team so book only if you are sure to come on time.


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Our escape rooms are designed for groups of two to six people. The bigger teams usually achieve better results, therefore we recommend beginners to come in groups of at least 3 people.

The group must be separated into two teams, and if you ask with anticipation you would play the 2 rooms at the same moment. It is a good opportunity to challenge the other team to see who will escape faster.

Because of the difficulty of this escape game, we recommend the experience for people over 10 years. In our opinion, younger children will not enjoy 100% experience.

To make a reservation you need to click on the «see availabilities» where you will fill put your information, you will choose the number of participants, and the date and time of your experience. You can also call or text (+57) 312 22 57 213. Please note that we book the entire game area for your team, book only if you are sure that they will come in time.

At the moment, payments are made exclusively in cash after the activity.

You can change the day and time of experience with writing 24 hours prior to the confirmation email you received, using the contact form on our website or by calling (+57) 312 22 57 213

The total experience lasts about an hour and a half including introduction 15 minutes, 1 hour and 15 minute game feedback.

We ask our customers punctuality; note that unpunctuality will decrease the level of your experience and the minutes will be deducted form your time to solve the challenges.

Escape games do not require the use of strength; you will not be exposed to heights either. The only muscle you will use will be your brain, to bring out your deduction skills, logic, and sense of observation.

This escape game does not include anything scary or surprising scenes. Nor does it propose burdensome or reduced spaces for long periods of time.

Yes, but you will always be monitored by the ENIGMA Escape Room’s game master. The game master will monitor your team’s performance. You will be given an emergency key to open the door whenever you want to.

Unfortunately, we are located on the second floor without an elevator, which means there is no access for handicapped people.

For your safety we reserve the right to refuse entry to people under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

You can not use any personal items. Before entering the escape game you must leave of all your belongings, including your cellphone and your keys, in lockers. Each room will have the necessary elements to properly solve the challenge .

No, no previous knowledge is needed. The escape room can be done by anyone with a positive attitude and a little common sense. The most important thing is teamwork.

The game master always monitors the activity and he/she will help you solve any situation and make it funnier. The operator is not meant to solve the challenge, but give you the tools so that everyone can fully enjoy this unique experience.

Our escape room is located at Calle 38a Sur # 43-53 in Envigado, one block from Parque Principal de Envigado, in a central location with an easy access and only 20-minute bus ride from Parque Poblado in Medellín. Please note that it takes longer to get here during peak hours.

We do not have our own parking but there are several parkings available nearby.

Our live escape games target all audiences; you can do it with your family, friends, students, significant other, or between colleagues to promote team-building.

Calle 38A Sur #43-53 Envigado
Phone: (+57) 312 2257213

Everyday from 11:00AM to 11:30PM with prior reservation.